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Private English Conversation and Pronunciation teacher from Sydney. Personal, one-to-one English lessons, private classes and private courses

* Do you need help improving your English conversation skills?
* Would you like someone to test your pronunciation?
* Do you need to practice answering interview questions?
* Are you studying for the IELTS or PTE speaking tests?
* Perhaps you'd like to practice speaking English so that you don't lose your conversation skills?

Hi. I'm James and I'd like to be your private English tutor. I'm a native Australian English speaker and have been teaching English to speakers of other languages privately for over 15 years. I have even written ebooks on teaching which you can find on Amazon.

I can help you improve your conversation and pronunciation ability.

I can help you through practice speaking English online via Skype! It's very easy.

All you need is your smart phone or PC, and the Skype app and a good broadband or mobile data internet connection.

Skype makes it easy to practice your spoken English with me. I have knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, so you can talk with me about anything!

A bit about me:
* Native English Speaker
* TESOL Certified
* Private general English and social conversation teacher
* Pronunciation and Accent Reduction trainer
* Job Interview Coach
* 15 years' experience
* Friendly, kind, caring, patient, understanding and funny
* Ideal tutor for adult ESL speakers wanting to have a fun lesson.
* General and Academic IELTS speaking tutor
* Previous Principal and CEO of an ESL school in Sydney city

I will have a list of questions to ask you to start the discussion. Please also bring your own list of questions to the lesson so that we can have a more natural conversation.

If you don't already have Skype on your smart phone or PC, you can download it here.

Use the form to book your conversation practice lesson, and pay online.

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Special Autumn/Winter price! Normally AU$50 per hour. Just AU$40 per hour!

AU$40 for a 1 hour lesson

AU$80 for a 2 hour lesson

Many different types of lessons available

English Conversation Lessons
Conversational English Lessons Online

Conversational English lessons online where you and James discuss a wide range of topics and James corrects your English as you speak.

You can bring along a list of questions or James can bring along various newspaper articles to discuss. 

This is James' most popular lesson.

Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons
Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons

Similar to the conversational lesson, with the addition of pronunciation testing. 

James will find your pronunciation problems and correct them using minimal pair lists, text reading and other techniques.

He'll also correct your pronunciation as you speak.


IELTS Speaking Lessons
General IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons

Practice for your IELTS Speaking test with James' IELTS questions. 

James' has been collecting real IELTS speaking questions for over 15 years and has over 100 sets of questions he can ask you.

He can help you to know the best way to answer.


Job Interview Questions Coaching Lessons
Job Interview Questions Role Play Lessons

Are you worried about going to a job interview? 

James can help by arranging a mock interview with you in the lesson. 

He'll bring along common interview questions and pretend to be an employer, then give you some guidance on how to answer them. 


Medical Vocabulary Lessons
Medical English Lessons

James has taught many surgeons, nurses and medical doctors over the years, and is familiar with a wide variety of medical terminology. If you'd like to practice your English with a medical focus, this is the lesson for you. 

In the lesson James may bring out medical texts and lists of medical vocabulary for you to read. He may also discuss certain procedures with you so that you can discuss them and practice your English.

If you are concerned about your English with your patients, James can pretend to be a patient and do appropriate role plays to challenge your English, then James can help you improve your speaking skills.


Medical OET Lessons
OET Speaking Lessons for Medical Students

Are you studying for the Occupational English Test, with a focus on getting a medical industry job?

James can help you practice that intensive OET doctor/patient interview test by pretending to suffer from a variety of ailments. James will choose a sickness, research the symptoms and then be in character for you to work out what it is, and what the treatment is likely to be.

Many doctors have found these role plays useful in helping them to pass the exam, and as James has some experience as an actor, he is very happy to play any character to help you practice your English.

PTE Speaking Lessons
PTE Speaking Lessons
Can you beat PTE's AI?

New! While IELTS is still the most popular test for getting Permanent Residency in Australia, the PTE test has become more popular due to its better analysis, and more unbiased artificial intelligence system of spoken English testing.

James can help you practice for the PTE speaking test by pointing out areas of your pronunciation the AI may not be able to detect properly. He can help you improve those, as well as give you some guidance as to the best way for you to read the text paragraphs aloud to increase the chance of getting the scores you want.

Other Kinds of English Lessons

Is there another type of lesson you'd like? James has had many requests for different types of lessons over the years. 

He's taught rude English, wine English, and other industry English. He's also taught Australian English, business English and government English.

If you need help with your phrasal verbs, idioms, slang, and other expressions, James can help you with those too.

If you have a particular lesson in mind, perhaps James can create it for you. Note that his lessons are predominantly about spoken English so writing and written grammar is not his focus, as James is a conversation and pronunciation tutor.

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