Feedback from Students about James' Lessons


Atsuko English language studentAtsuko - Japan
James was very friendly and it was very useful that he accurately taught me the content that I requested. He explained with pictures and he taught in a way that beginners will be able to understand easily. I enjoyed his lessons every time so I recommend to you all to take his lesson.

Jinny - Korea
I was one of your students for a couple of months in a few years ago. I wanted to contact you earlier to say thank you but I have been so busy with my work since I came back to Korea. I remember I had fun studying with you and you were really a big help for me.

Thanks to studying English in Sydney, I could have a sort of competitive advantage in terms of getting a job. I have been working for a licensing company and one of my contact people is in Melbourne. It seems a bit late but I want to say thank you.

Wei English Literacy studentWei Ė China
James helped me improve my English so that I could get a job in Australia. He helped me to write my resume as well as advised me about what all the trick language in the classifieds job ads mean. When other circumstances have meant that Iíve had to change jobs, because of James advice I was able to get a new one. Iím very grateful to the help James has given me.

Duk - Vietnam
James has been very helpful in assisting me resolve my strong English accent. His professional teaching methods are highly efficient. With a few weeks of practising English speaking with James, my English speaking skill has been surprisingly improved. I would recommend him as a professional English teacher. Thank you, James!

Tamon - Japan
I do say that the lessons with James improved my English a lot. I was able to request of him whatever I'd like to study, without any hesitation, due to his professional, highly-developed attitude as an English tutor to the student. Every single time I asked him something which I wanted to study, he prepared some materials and subjects to use and talk in our lesson, along with my requests. Since I focused on studying spoken English, I could imagine that some of my requests were obviously beyond the range of most textbooks, but he always gave me useful examples and clear explanation, which enabled me to make my understanding ever so deeper.

Plus, I must mention his curiosity. It is essential for a language tutor to have curiosity in many things, broad enough to meet the needs of every student, isn't it?You might find it tough work to talk with native speakers somewhere to train your spoken English, who are not interested in the same thing as you are. James has a broad range of curiosity, so that he showed his interest in anything I talked about. It was very comfortable for me and certainly I enjoyed talking with him.

In summary, it is safe to say that it I could hardly find some one better than James as an English tutor, in the vicinity of Sydney CBD. I surely recommend James to anybody who is keen to have their English skills finely honed.

Jeon-Kwan English conversations studentJeon-Kwan - Korea
I have learnt English from James. He is a good English teacher. If you get a lesson from him, I believe you will improve your English faster. In my case, he corrected wrong expressions and pronunciation when I spoke English. Even though I learnt English with James for a short time, I could tell he is excellent at teaching English.

Akiho  -  Japan
James is a great English teacher. The reason why I can tell you this isÖ because I had his lessons and they improved my level of English. He is very versatile and interested in a lot of things. When I had his lessons, he always brought interesting topics to discuss and to think about. Talking about something in English is necessary in order to improve your English, but it is also important to think about something in English to make your English better. In Jamesí lessons he always gave me these two significant tasks.

Of course, he did not forget to correct strange expressions and grammatical errors. He also taught extra things such as other expressions, vocabulary, idioms and even slang. He knows well the timing of correcting language and giving new words. While I had his lessons, I was able to feel that my English was being polished up!  On top of that, he is a very punctual and reliable person. I think that I was really lucky to meet an excellent teacher like James.

Ayako  -  Japan
James is the best English teacher I have ever met. He can correct my English efficiently with giving me good advice. We demonstrated interviews in English and he pointed out useful ideas and techniques. It was very helpful. Thank you, James!

Sherry - Vietnam
James - you're a lovely teacher. I enjoyed this course immensely, esp. when you're explaining business expressions. Highly recommended course for non-English speaking background people!

Jaspal - India
Most of the time I was having a lot of trouble listening to conversations between two Australian people, but now I can understand their conversations very well. Thanks James.

Jack - China
I got to know more about Australian culture.

Hamed - Iran
I had a great time with you.

Maja and Linnea - Sweden
Thanks for everything! We had a lot of fun!

Rudy - Indonesia
I enjoy the course because I can speak and learn alot about business jargon.