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The following lesson ideas have been created by Speak Oz and English Tutor Sydney and are free for you to use and rewrite if necessary.

Each lesson is useful for one-on-one tutoring so you may find that you need to change them a bit if you want to use them in your classroom. Each lesson is designed to be part of a larger, more comprehensive, private tuition lesson and not the sole lesson. So if ESL, TESL, EFL, TEFL, IELTS, and other English teaching acronyms ring a bell with you, you may find this page useful.

Popular subjects and questions for discussion

Cars, Traffic and Learning to Drive
Holiday, Vacation and Travel

New Zealand Diary Comprehension Questions
Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and Asbestos
The Story of Plutonium and Mr Pluto
Hurricane Katrina Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons

Australian Business English Lessons
Natural Cures for Cancer

Vocabulary Building Exercises
01. The Australian Barbecue
02. Getting a job in Australia
03. Australian Pub Culture
04. Living at home in Australia
05. Australian Food

Phrasal Verbs, Slang and Idioms for Discussion
Up | Out | Jump

Essay template

Pronunciation Exercises
Pronouncing the Suffix -ED

Dialogues and Conversations.
This website used to have a large number of dialogues and conversations available.
I've collected them together and released them along with a few others as several ebooks on Kindle.
Links are below:

Dialogues and Conversations 1-10. Just Speaking #1: English Phrasal Verbs
Dialogues and Conversations 11-20. Just Speaking #2: Casual English Expressions
Dialogues and Conversations 21-30. Just Speaking #3. Aussie English Expressions
Dialogues and Conversations 31-40. Just Speaking #4. Business English Expressions I
Dialogues and Conversations 41-50. Just Speaking #5. Business English Expressions II
Dialogues and Conversations 51-60. Just Speaking #6: General English Expressions
Dialogues and Conversations 61-70. Just Speaking #7: English Phrasal Verbs II
Dialogues and Conversations 71-80. Just Speaking #8: English Phrasal Verbs III
Dialogues and Conversations 81-90. Just Speaking #9: English Phrasal Verbs IV

Coming Soon
Dialogues and Conversations 91-100. Just Speaking #10: English Phrasal Verbs V

Available via Amazon for your Kindle

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