Possible Cures for Cancer available in nature

Please note that there is no guarantee that these work for everyone. There are testimonials but a lot more research needs to be done.
Easiest cancer fighting food
One thing that is extremely important is a reduction in the meat that you eat. If youíre eating huge amounts of meat to get your protein you should start reducing this immediately and replace it with Shiitake mushrooms or fish with Omega 3 fatty acids. Your pancreas produces pancreatic enzymes which are good for fighting cancer by making the cancer cell protective walls weak. Unfortunately processing meat uses up almost all your pancreatic enzymes!
If you're an ESL teacher you can use this article in many ways. 1. Discuss the effects of fatty food on the body. Discuss the difference between Omega 3 and Omega 6 and why Omega 3 is better. Talk about relatives and friends who've suffered from cancer. Discuss the 'cures' we have today and the ones that existed thousands of years ago. Talk about what areas of your student's diet may need improvement. Each paragraph will encourage discussion!

NB: This cancer fighting food guide was researched and written for a cancer sufferer who was diagnosed as terminal. Unfortunately she did not live long enough to take advantage of anything on this list. So, if you think you have cancer in your family, please change your diet now!

Iíve written this so that the easiest fighting foods and drinks are first, followed by the harder ones. Don't forget to drink plenty of water - at least 10 glasses a day, as keeping your cells well hydrated enables them to fight cancer better.

1. Shiitake mushrooms

Used for over 2000 years in Asian countries to boost the immune system to fight various diseases including cancer

Main features
Contains Lentinan and polysaccharides that boost the immune system to fight cancer.

Testimonial from the net
* ďI had an uncle who had cancer (not sure which cancer). He started using the mushrooms and it helped his body to fight it off. He still eats the mushroom and the cancer hasnít come back.Ē

Where to buy
* Supermarket Shiitake only contains about 8 polysaccharides whereas the original oak grown version contains over 72. But it still contains Lentinan which is an important cancer fighting agent so even the supermarket ones will work. You may be able to get dried Shiitake mushrooms from Asian supermarkets that were grown on oak logs. Simply soak for 30 minutes before eating.

How to eat
* Eat them every day. Either washed raw, in a salad, in a soup, as a sauce, as a broth or any other way that makes them more interesting to eat. You should start this straight away as there are no known bad side effects. Anything to boost the immune system after a dose of chemotherapy is good.

2. Green Tea

Used for over 2000 years in Asian countries to boost the immune system, fight diseases and cancer. NB: Try to avoid teabags as it is believed they donít help as much.

Main features
Contains powerful antioxidants and catechins that fight cancer and has been proven to destroy cancer cells in a laboratory.

*  Since changing from normal tea to green tea I havenít been as sick. Iíd always got the flu at least 4 to 5 times a year. Now I only get a mild cold once or twice.

Where to buy
* Anywhere that sells tea!

How to drink.
* No bad side effects so drink as many cups a day as youíd like. Drop any caffeine drinks and replace with green tea. At least 4 cups a day would be a good place to start.

3. Walking and Sunlight

Walk at least one hour a day. The walking will improve the circulation of your lymphatic system allowing your body to increase its ability to remove toxins. 

Spend 10-15 minutes in sunlight about 3 times a week. Do NOT wear sunglasses or any glasses for that matter when doing this. Being next to a window doesnít help. You need to be outside. The sunlight will increase the amount of Vitamin D in your body which helps boost your immune system. Note that sunburn reduces your bodyís immune system effectiveness so donít get burnt.

This list is continued here:

Well, I hope this advice is helpful to you. Remember, this information has been assembled from research papers and articles discussed on the net, so, I canít personally guarantee that any of it works. And, if youíre allergic to some of these, you may need to do some more research. But, knowing that Iíve got cancer in my family, Iíve introduced a lot of these into my diet. Better to be safe than sorry!

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