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This list is by no means exhaustive. There are still hundreds of natural possibilities out there. But it is known that our bodies are full of cancer cells all the time - most of us just have great immune systems able to fight them off. But, if they're given enough power, or the immune system is weakened for too long, they can take over. So, change your diet now!
List of possible Natural Cancer Cures continued
7. Broccoli

Only recently discovered as a great anti cancer food.

Main features
Contains glucosinolates and phytochemicals called isothiocyanates. Broccoli has been reported many times to help the immune system fight cancer.

*  Usually broccoli is eaten in combination with other foods so no specific testimonials on broccoli are available. Some studies have shown that it reduces prostate cancer cells in double blind trials

Where to buy
* Almost anywhere!

How to eat
* Eat them every day. Either washed raw, in a salad, in a soup or any other way that makes them more interesting to eat. You should start this straight away as there are no known bad side effects. Note that cooking broccoli will destroy most of the important features that combat cancer so eating them raw is best. If you must heat, fast steam for no more than a few minutes, they should still be crunchy.

8. Unique Water

New. In the last few years an area in Australia was found to contain a type of water that resulted in long life livestock. While the scientific study is suspect and there haven't been any double blind studies, the fact that farmers say that their livestock lives longer than usual suggests there's something in it. Though whether it really works for humans too - the jury is still out.

Main features
Contains Magnesium Bicarbonate in large quantities, as well as other minerals, which result in antacid properties, removing excess acid and carbon dioxide from the body.

* There have been a number of Australian sellers making unproven claims that it cures cancer but there have also been testimonials from people who have said that their arthritis has gone away, they feel that they have more energy and that theyíre able to do a lot more things than they were able to do years ago. So it may help your body to fight cancer.

Where to buy
* Some BP connect service stations in Australia

How to drink
* In between your cups of tea. 1 or 2 bottles a day.

Other notes:
Cancer loves sugar and caffeine. So just drop any heavy sugar and caffeine foods immediately. So no chocolate, fizzy drinks, lollies, or anything else that cancers feed on. No sugar in tea, no sugared milk drinks, nothing that may even remotely contain processed sugar. Natural sugars (in tomatoes for example) are okay.

9. Taheebo (Pau Díarco) 

Used for over 2000 years by tribes in South America (including the Incas) to boost the immune system to fight various diseases including cancer

Main features
Contains lapsochol which induces strong biological activity that boosts the immune system to fight cancer.

* Countless testimonials available on the net from various people NOT trying to sell a product. Some testimonials speak of the tea as creating a situation where all the toxins in the body turn into mucus and have to be coughed up. (This might frighten a few doctors!) 

Where to buy
* Some herbal shops sell this in tablet form. The tea form is a bit expensive.

How to drink
* As directed.

And now some of the, harder to stomach, cancer fighting foods:

Edible seaweed, Lima beans, mung-beans, sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, peas, barley, chickpeas, millet, currants, flaxseed oil (only made with no sunlight and only the one in black plastic bottles, no other oil for cooking) Use clove and wormwood in cooking (removes parasites) Most vegetable juices, such as carrot juice, are helpful. Most orange vegetables are good for boosting the immune system.

About vitamin B17. As soon as the US pharmaceutical market locates a vitamin that is freely available via herbal stores, in various foods, they prevent it from being sold and declare it an unresearched drug. This enables the drug companies to hold their monopoly over the medical system there and abroad.

Vitamin B17 has been shown to assist in fighting cancer cells but was banned 20 years ago by the drug agencies who didnít want to lose any money. Therefore it has to be gathered in other ways.

B17 is found in apricot seeds. You need to get raw kernels, break the shell and chew the bitter seeds inside. Almost impossible to find unless you buy apricots. And how will you stand eating 7 apricots a day?! Another source are the seeds in red grapes. You need to chew them first before swallowing. Herbalists prescribe 7 apricot seeds a day, which would probably mean a lot of grapes! So as long as youíre drinking green tea and eating tomatoes, a bunch of grapes every day would probably assist.

There are hundreds of different foods out there that help reduce cancer production. A quick summary.
All edible fungi/mushrooms have some cancer reducing qualities
Most cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower etc)
Most edible seaweeds
Most vegetables help boost the immune system
Fish will help strengthen your immune system while replacing the protein in meat.

Things to either avoid or completely reduce in your diet:
1. Meat        2. Dairy products (milk, butter, cream, cheese)
3. Sugar       4. Caffeine
5. Oils (If you canĎt get the specially created no sunlight flaxseed oils then avoid all oils entirely)

Well, I hope this advice is helpful to you. Remember, this information has been assembled from research papers and articles discussed on the net, so, I canít personally guarantee that any of it works. And, if youíre allergic to some of these, you may need to do some more research. But, knowing that Iíve got cancer in my family, Iíve introduced a lot of these into my diet. Better to be safe than sorry!

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