The Australian Barbeque - Topics for Discussion 1

The Aussie Barbie
Australians love a barbeque. It’s one of those family and friends things that bring Australians together. But much of the food can be a surprise for many people from Asia. For a start, rice is not a regular part of the Australian diet. So, finding rice at a barbeque is a rare occurrence. 

Gourmet barbeques sometimes occur where you get tomatoes, capsicum, pineapple and other interesting flavours charred to perfection. But these are rare. The main ingredients to expect at a barbeque are sausages, slabs of beef and lots of onions.

In fact, some barbeques just have the meat. So, if you’re a vegetarian, or prefer seafood, you might have to bring your own lunch.

This is, of course, if the barbeque is organised by an Australian family. If you’re invited to a Korean or Japanese barbeque, things are very different!

Vocabulary Building.
1. Discuss with your tutor some of the words and phrases used in this article.

2. Which words have similar meanings? Draw a line to connect them.

                        surprise                        set up
                        diet                              vegan
                        rare                             shock
                        gourmet                       block
                        occur                           scorched
                        charred                        happen
                        slab                             quality food
                        organised                     scarce
                        vegetarian                    eating plan

3. Please write (T) True (F) False or (U) Unknown

1. Rice is a common part of the Australian diet
2. Barbeques are for students and work colleagues
3. The main ingredient of a barbeque includes chicken and fish.
4. Only Australian’s organise barbeques
5. It’s rude to bring your own lunch
6. Barbeques are popular with most Australian’s

4. Questions for Discussion

Have you been to a barbeque in Australia? What was it like?
Do you agree with the sentiments expressed in this article?
When someone says ‘barbeque’ do you think of a large black grill at the beach or a small gas burner at a Korean restaurant?
Do you think it’s healthy to eat so much charred food?
Can you live without rice?

Answers to 3:  1. F    2. U.  3. F.    4. F.   5. U   6. T.

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