Getting employed in Australia - Topic for Discussion 2
Getting a Job in Australia
Getting a job in Australia is hard work

Firstly, you must fit the qualifications listed on the classified advertisement exactly.

Secondly, your English must be excellent. With agents receiving 500 resumes a day for any advertised job, the slightest mistake and your resume is deleted.

Thirdly, experience matters. If you donít have experience, forget it. Australian employers donít care if youíve got a Masterís degree. Degrees arenít important in Australia due to the commonly held belief that anything you learn in University is already too old by the time you get out. Experience matters.

Fourthly, most job agents have automatic deletion software programmed to detect particular words in cover letters relating to the classified advertisement. So, if your cover letter doesnít agree with the classified ad, it will be deleted BEFORE it reaches the agent.

And we haven't even started talking about the interview yet!

Vocabulary Building.
1. Discuss with your tutor some of the words and phrases used in this article.

2. Which words have similar meanings? Draw a line to connect them.

                        qualification                 notice
                        belief                           gets to
                        agent                           match
                        detect                          specific
                        particular                     find
                        agree                           consultant
                        reaches                       view
                        advertisement              skills

3. Please write (T) True (F) False or (U) Unknown
1. Degrees are very important in Australia.
2. Agents read every resume.
3. You can get a job anywhere in Australia if your English is excellent.
4. Australian employers believe that experience is everything.
5. Classified advertisements arenít the only way to get a job.

4. Questions for Discussion
Have you got a job in Australia?
How hard was it for you to get it?
What donít you like about working in Australia?
What do you like?
What do you think would be the best job to work in?
If you were an employer do you think youíd employ someone with a degree?
Where else could you find job advertisements?

Answers to 3.  1. F.  2. F.  3. U.   4. T.  5. T.

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