The Culture of the relationships in Pubs in Australia - Topic for Discussion 3
Pub Culture
Unlike many Asian cultures where partners are organised and assessed by families, Australians find their match at the pub.

Many marriages have been brokered after a drunken night at the local watering hole - blokes and sheilas finding commonality over a common beer. And guys and gals network to find the right partner for their friends too.

Parents DO NOT get a look in. If your Australian parent approves of your boyfriend or girlfriend, then, according to teenage culture, you should dump him/her immediately as that would be considered Ďuncoolí.

And even if your parents were super cool, open-minded, pot smoking, fashionistas, itís just too weird to go out with someone your parents approve of.

So, if you go out with an Australian and your partnerís parents donít like you, youíre perfect!

Vocabulary Building.
1. Discuss with your tutor some of the words and phrases used in this article.

2. Which words have similar meanings? Draw a line to connect them.

                        assessed                        grapevine
                        match                            men and women
                        approve                        negotiated
                        dump                            agree
                        considered                    not fashionable
                        uncool                           thought of
                        brokered                       get rid of
                        blokes and sheilas         soulmate
                        network                        tested

3. Please write (T) True (F) False or (U) Unknown
1. Australians find their girlfriends and boyfriends at the pub.
2. Itís important for Australians to have their mumís and dadís approval of their partner.
3. Australians never go out with people their parents want them to.
4. Trendy parents are weird.
5. Your relationship with an Australian may last longer if your partnerís parentsí donít approve of you!

4. Questions for Discussion
How would you find a husband or wife in your country?
Whatís your opinion of arranged marriages?
Do you think meeting someone in a pub is a good way to start a relationship?
Do you think the reason that there is such a high divorce rate in Australia is because most relationships start in a pub, or do you believe that there are other reasons?
Where did you first meet your partner?

Answers to 3.  1. T  2. F  3. U  4. U  5. T

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