Continuing to Live at Home Instead of Renting - Topic for Discussion 4
Living at Home
In recent times some Australians have started to live at home longer than normal. This is totally against Australian culture which, ever since the war, has encouraged children to leave the nest - at 16. Now, children are staying until theyíre of an age that would have been unheard of 20 years ago. Even up until the age of 22!!! Shocking!!!

Australians are very independent people. They can look after themselves in almost any crisis. They can stand on their own two feet without the aid of family, and they know how to buy take away.

Most young Australians do not want to be under the yoke of parents and will quickly get a part time job at 14, start paying board at 15, have their driving license by 16 and be in their own share accommodation by 17. If youíre still at home at the age of 19, well, frankly, itís an embarrassment.

But this is the 21st century. And with higher and higher prices, and the need to study longer, more and more children are growing up at home, choosing the conservative life, joining church groups, collecting action figures, playing computer games and foregoing the freedom and independence of the previous generations. If this isnít stopped now, we may end up with the humiliating cases of people staying home until the age of 30. Disastrous!!!

Vocabulary Building.
1. Discuss with your tutor some of the words and phrases used in this article.

2. Which words have similar meanings? Draw a line to connect them.

                        encouraged                       humiliating
                        nest                                  dolls
                        shocking                           restrained
                        yoke                                 rent
                        board                                leash
                        conservative                      disturbing
                        action figures                     home
                        embarrassing                     pushed

3. Please write (T) True (F) False or (U) Unknown
1. Itís okay for Australians to stay home until the age of 30.
2. Australian parents kick children out of the home at 16.
3. Australian children get a part time job at McDonalds when theyíre 15 years old.
4. Higher prices are causing more Australians to live at home.
5. The writer of the article is shocked that Australians are living at home longer.

4. Questions for Discussion
When do you think is the best time to leave home?
What do you think of children leaving home at the age of 16?
Do you think apprenticeships are one of the reasons children leave home at 16?
Do you think 16 year olds are capable of looking after themselves without parental guidance?
What do you think children leaving home early does to the family unit?

Answers to 3.  1. F  2. U  3. U  4. T  5. T
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