Phrases containing the word 'Jump'
Many students ask why so many phrases used in conversational English contain up, out or jump. 
This is a fertile ground for discussion. Below is a list of phrases in no particular order containing the word 'jump'


Give the sheet to the English Language student and ask them to read over it. Ask them what English words, phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms or slang they don't understand. Explain, give examples, demonstrate or draw pictures until they understand it, then challenge them to use it in a sentence.

This page is really to help you generate topics of discussion around common expressions.

Go jump in the lake
Hop, skip and a jump
Jump down your throat
Jump in with both feet
Jump on the bandwagon
Jump the gun
Jumped his/her bones
We'll jump that fence when we get to it
Stay one jump ahead
jumped to his/her feet
her heart jumped
a loud bang made her jump
sales jumped sharply
jumping about from one subject to another
story then jumps from him to her
jumped several steps in your promotion
the film jumped in the cinema
jump start
bar's jumping tonight
jump the lights
jump out of your skin
jump the queue
jump the line
jump the rails
jump through hoops
jump to it
jump at something
jump on somebody
jump out at somebody
jump back in time
negotiations took a jump forward yesterday
fall at the last jump
one jump ahead
jumper cable
jumping off point
jump rope
have the jump on him
give somebody a jump
take a running jump
the jumps
be for the high jump
jump bail
jump on somebody
jump ship

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