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Business English Lesson Ideas
Business English Lesson 7

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Business Expressions 7

Heads will roll   ________________________________

Make a go of it   ________________________________

Head on the block  ________________________________

Strike while the iron is hot ________________________________

Write off    ________________________________

31. Iím going to try and  ______________ . Itís the only thing I can do. If I donít Iíll lose my house.

32. Iíve got to ______________ while business is still booming. 

33. The accident meant we had to  ______________ several thousand dollars worth of equipment.

34. This disaster has cost the company a fortune. Who was in charge of Occupational Health and Safety in this department? Someone is going to take responsibility for this. ______________ !

35. If I admit that I didnít make sure that the machinery was safe, itíll be my  ______________  tonight.

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