Travel diary comprehension questions
An excerpt from a diary about a trip to New Zealand from Sydney. 
If you've ever travelled by China Air, or are just curious to know what sometimes happens to passengers who use the service, this passage may give you an idea!


Discuss plane travel and visiting New Zealand. 
What do they know about New Zealand? 
Do they ever plan to travel there? 
After reading this passage do they think they'll still take China Air? Why or Why Not? 

More questions below.

John and Michelle's trip to New Zealand Day 1

After a $32 taxi ride, and losing each other through customs, we finally made it to gate 30 for the Air China flight from Sydney – which was delayed 45 minutes while they waited for passengers!  (It was first delayed 25 minutes due to final check problems.) So the 11:05 left at 11:50.

We got a window seat close to the wing but with plenty of view. 

At lunchtime we had the choice of chicken or lamb. As most people chose chicken there were a few lamb dinners left over. So we scored another lamb!  The seats were wider (the distance between mine and the one in front) than I expected so there was plenty of legroom. (I ended up eating most of Michelle’s dinner as well as most of the second one.)

Most of the radio stations available on the flight were in Mandarin. No in-flight movies in economy either. (I think it was a discovery channel program.) Not much alcohol was served but morning tea was followed by lunch in under 10 minutes. Choice of red or white wine – wasn’t offered anything else – but saw that beer may also be available.

Michelle got a free copy of the Telegraph as she boarded, which had a news article about all the people on long hall flights that have collapsed and died from brain clots. 

So, I told her all the jokes you can tell people who are afraid of heights and flying.

Well, don’t plan to rush! We had to wait while they cleared the plane, then we had to wait to go through customs, (about half an hour - don’t line up in the Australia and New Zealand queue if your partner is Indonesian), before we went through immigration/quarantine. Michelle declaring noodles and I declaring peppermint tea bags meant we were sped through. (You’re more likely to be picked up and searched if you say ‘nothing to declare’) We got free tea and coffee from the arrivals table at Auckland airport, which was a welcome surprise.

When we finally got out to enjoy our first day in Auckland, it was overcast and raining. We looked for a taxi. The costs were either $13 each on a friendly ‘all hostel stops’ bus or $45 for a taxi trip. After I went and asked at Information, which is a long walk from the customs and bus exit, the bus arrived to pick us up. (Leaves every 20 minutes and takes about half an hour) 

Finally we arrived at Auckland Central Backpackers and waited in line to get our reserved room. So, from a projected 4.00pm arrival to the final time of getting to our single beds it took 3.5 hours. (We were finally settled at 7.30)

We could finally explore Auckland and enjoy a much-needed dinner.

What do you think was the main problem during the first day of John’s trip?

Is John travelling alone? 

What do you think ‘scored’ means in this passage? 

What do you think may cause delays in customs at the airport?

What is your feeling about John's sense of humour?

Can you assume from the information where Michelle may be from?

What is the format of the writing style of this passage? 

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