English phrases using the word 'Out'
'Out' phrases and expressions
Many students ask why so many phrases used in conversational English contain up, out or jump. This is a fertile ground for discussion. Below is a list of phrases in no particular order containing the word 'out'


Give the sheet to the English Language student and ask them to read over it. Ask them what English words, phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms or slang they don't understand. Explain, give examples, demonstrate or draw pictures until they understand it, then challenge them to use it in a sentence.

Feel free to add more that are relevant to your area.

blow out
keep out
throw out
bat out
break out
ask out
butt out
call out
cry out
camp out
dug out
ease out
phase out
fade out
fight out
flow out
gore out
gross out
hollow out
carve out
hire out
take out
let out
iron out
plan out
draw out
drop out
pan out
all out
stake out
sort out
send out
sling out
sung out
sang out
time out
vote out
wait out
went without
yell out
bleed out
come out
came out
figure out
work out (2)
worked out
sort out
see out
stand out
shout out
nut out
mince out
rule out
bled out
run out (of)
bail out
fake out
opt out
out loud
sell out
sold out
out of sight
pass out
blast out
smoke out
back out
bag out
reach out
down and out
fill out
write out
pencil out
out there
check out
rub out (2)
strike out (2)
worn out
tired out
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