Phrases using the word 'Up'
Below is a list of phrases in no particular order containing the word 'up'
Many students ask why so many phrases used in conversational English contain up, out or jump. This is a fertile ground for discussion. 


Give the sheet to the English Language student and ask them to read over it. Ask them what English words, phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms or slang they don't understand. Explain, give examples, demonstrate or draw pictures until they understand it, then challenge them to use it in a sentence.

Add more that are relevant to your area, too.

Give up
Stuck up
Shut up
Up themselves
Thought up / think up
Put up
Once upon a time
Look up the number
Giving me the head's up
I won't put up with this
I'm fed up
I've had it up to here
What's up with him anyway?
What's he up to?
He's obviously a bit uppity today
What's up?
Life has its ups and downs
I'm trying to get up in the world
Listen up
Back up
Turn up 
Summon up 
Bring up 
Knock up 
Call up 
Dig up 
Ease up 
Follow up 
Dry up
Camp it up
Took up 
Sop up 
Sell up 
Soften up 
Size up 
Slow up 
Seven Up (!!) 
Tie up 
Tails up 
Type up 
Shore up 
Team up 
Tune up 
Tool up 
Sex up 
Stitch up 
Stock up 
Stoke up 
Soup up 
Tape up 
Buy up 
Eye up 
Fry up 
Pry up 
Pile up 
Pipe up 
Rile up 
Times up 
Take up 
Tame up 
Tear up 
Tore up 
Warm up
Jump up 
Send it up 
Lift up 
Move up 
Offer up 
Paste up
Pull up
Roll up 
Rake up 
Write up 
Suck up
Bottoms up 
Wake up 
Went up 
Woke up 
Wise up 
Wind up 
Get the wind up 
Zip up 
Zip up to 
Tidy up 
Clean up 
Mess up
Get your spirits up
Throw up
Pass up
Get up
Come up
Speak up
Heat up 
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